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What can I expect on moving day?

Our goal is to make your move seamless. When your Cotter mover arrives, he will conduct an initial walk-through of your home. This is a good opportunity to let the mover know what items will be shipped and which items will stay. This also allows the mover to establish a packing plan and how things will best fit in our truck.

Once loading is ready to begin, the mover will use your inventory form to document the items, and their condition, going on the truck. The mover and his crew will wrap furniture pads (specially designed blankets) around your furniture to ensure it is protected. Overstuffed furniture (couches, etc.) will be wrapped in stretch wrap to help prevent damage. Once an item is properly protected it will be loaded on the truck.

After your belongings are loaded on the truck the mover will ask you to sign some paperwork, including the Bill of Lading and Inventory.

Do you protect certain areas of the home when moving the furniture?

When moving your household goods, Cotter takes precautions throughout the home to make sure your home and belongings are well taken care of.

Do I have to be there the whole time?

It’s recommended that you are present to keep the lines of communication open. On loading day, you must be there to review and sign the Bill of Lading, which is a receipt for your goods and the contract for their transportation.

When will you be able to let me know about the weight of the shipment?

Most of the time, the driver will be able to let you know within one to two days. The weighing is all dependent on what time the loading is completed and if the driver can get to the weigh station when it is open.

Will I have the same driver/helpers at the destination?

There is a possibility that your driver will be different from loading to the delivery. The crew will be different as they are usually from a local agent in the area that you are moving to or from.

What is a shuttle?

Shuttle service is smaller vehicle to provide service when the residence is not accessible to the mover’s normal equipment. A Shuttle service at origin involves loading the goods onto a smaller vehicle then transporting and offloading them onto the mover’s normal equipment. The process is reversed at destination. Depending on the weight of the shipment, this could involve several trips with the smaller vehicle. The shuttle charge is based on a rate-per-hundred weight.

How will I know when my shipment is going to be delivered?

Your driver will contact you with 48 hours period to the delivery of your belongings. Confirm with the driver your destination contact information prior to his departure from your origin residence.

Who do I contact if my shipment is beyond my delivery dates?

In the unfortunate situation that your belongings will not be delivered within the delivery spread this is stated on the Bill of Lading, please contact our customer service department at 330-535-5115. A customer service representative will be able to answer your questions and provide delivery updates. You should also feel free to contact us electronically if you prefer.

Who do I contact if my household goods were damaged during my move?

In the unfortunate instance that an item was damaged during the move, please contact Cotter at 330-535-5115. A claims adjuster will be assigned and he or she will review the claim and contact you, if necessary, with any further instructions. Please take note of the following details on the claims process:

  • All claims must be filed in writing, within nine months of the date of delivery to residence. If your goods were placed into storage-in-transit, and remain in storage in excess of 180 days, you have nine months from the date of conversation to permanent storage in which to file a claim.
  • Please do not discard or repair any items without prior authorization from this office, as we reserve the right to inspect all claimed items.
  • If you are claiming any damaged items which were packed, please indicate whether or not the carton for our inspection.
  • Please describe the nature and location of damages for each article claimed, and furnish repair estimates whenever possible to support the claim.
  • Please provide the manufacturer’s name, the model, and the serial number of any appliances or electronics equipment claimed as missing or damaged.
  • Copies of original purchase receipts should be submitted if available.
  • Please make certain that all items you wish to claim are included on your claim form, and that the claim form does constitute your complete and entire claim.